How to choose a fund

You can join the pension funds managed by us by choosing one of the following two options:

1. Account Operators

  1. Visit one of the following Account Operators (1) : ARARATBANK OJSC, Ardshinbank CJSC, Armbusinessbank CJSC, VTB-Bank (Armenia) CJSC,  HSBC Bank (Armenia) CJSC, Conversebank CJSC and Haypost CJSC.
  2. Provide identification card (ID card) or passport number and public service number (social security card) or a letter stating not having a public service number.
  3. Fill in the application "Selection of Mandatory Pension Fund and Pension Fund Manager" alone or with the assistance from an appropriate employee.

Necessary items: identification card (ID card) or passport and public service number (socialsecurity card)

2. “My Account” portal

  1. Visit website and go to "My Account".
  2. Connect the identification card reader to the computer and insert your identification card into the device.
  3. Enter the PIN code provided with the identification card.
  4. Go to "My Applications" section, select "Request for Mandatory Pension Fund and Pension Fund Manager" application and fill it out.
  5. After completing the application, click the "Save" button and then the "Accept" button.

Necessary items: identification card (ID card), electronic signature and identification card reader.

Participants may redeem their shares at any time, change the pension fund manager and/or the pension fund to direct past or future pension contributions to other pension funds managed by the same pension fund manager or to the pension funds managed by another pension fund manager.

Changing the pension fund within the pension funds managed by the same manager is free of charge.

Changing the pension asset manager is free of charge once a year. Redemption fee will be charged in case of further changes.

Redemption of pension fund units is done within 10 business days upon receipt of the relevant application submitted by the participant to the Central Depository of Armenia (Registrar of Participants). The terms and procedures of the redemption of pension fund units is described in more details in the Fund's Rules.


1 Account Operator is an intermediary organization that is a bank or a HayPost post office, where you can select a fund and fund manager, change it later, track your contributions and receive statements.

More information about the Funds and fund manager can be found in the respective Fund’s rules.













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