C-Quadrat Ampega Asset Management Armenia LLC, is a joint venture between C-Quadrat Investment AG, Vienna, Austria, and Ampega Asset Management GmbH, Cologne, Germany.


Talanx AG is the sole shareholder (100%) of Ampega Asset Management GmbH (member of Talanx Group - S&P A+ rating), as a result of which the latter qualifies as an indirect shareholder of C-Quadrat Ampega Asset Management Armenia LLC.


Regular General Meeting of Participants shall be called by the Board once a year not earlier than two months and not later than four months following the end of the financial year. The Company shall hold a regular General Meeting on an annual basis for the approval of the annual results of the Company’s activities. An extraordinary General meeting of Company participants shall be called by the Board in cases provided under the RA legislation and the Company charter, when the interests of the Company participants require so.


The Company has not distributed dividends to the Company participants during the present year, as well as during the previous four years.


The governing bodies of the Company have not adopted acts that define dividend policy.


List of beneficial shareholders


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